1. Father, thank you for your goodness and mercies. Thank you for the gift of life and strength and health. Be glorified, Lord in Jesus name. Isaiah 40:31

2. Father, thank you for the privilege of being alive on this day of your awesome power. Thank you for incredible, unbelievable testimonies of your acts from this prayer altar. Be glorified, Lord in Jesus name. Psalms 126:1-3

3. Father, thank you for your lasting and durable acts in our midst. We decree the failure and frustration of every enemy attempt to Undermine, Antagonise or counteract your acts in our midst, Lord in Jesus name.
Eccl 3:14, Lam 3:37, Job 5:12

4. Father, I step into this new day in dominion, authority and nature of the most high she and bring every contrary force of the day into subjection, Lord in Jesus name. 1 John 4:4, 1John 5:4

5. Father, I declare this new day my day of strength, progress and impact. I reject weakness and stagnation, today Lord in Jesus name. Psalms 84:7, Prov 4:18

6. Father, I take full delivery of all that you have for my life today. I receive supplies, direction, preservation and restoration, Lord in Jesus name. Job 36:11

7. Father, I ask that your word released on this prayer altar today would have a free course throughout the earth today, producing desired results, Lord in Jesus name.
2Thessa 3:1

8. Father, we decree today that both the Wicked and there wickedness will find no place of operation or manifestation in our lives and land today, Lord in Jesus name. We release the judgement of fire on every altar, coven, high place, stronghold, personality, agent or device of evil positioned in this new day to cause harm, pain,hurt, loss, evil report, bad news, distraction, disease, destruction or death, we declare them set on fire, lord in Jesus name.
Prov 4:19, Psalms 50:3

9. Father, I ask that your anointing will lift every burden from my life and destroy every yoke from my neck so that I can walk upright from today, Lord in Jesus name. Isaiah 10:27 Levi 26:13

10. Father, we ask that you will empower our harvest tools as we launch our nets into the deep for a drought to bring in a bountiful harvest, Lord in Jesus name.

By Matex

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