“ Brymo told me he has to sleep with my wife first “ Adekunle

“ There was this song my wife wrote , I looked at it and felt like it could be a perfect collaboration with Brymo .

I texted Brymo , sent him my wife’s verse he told me he likes it but he will sleep with my wife first . That was so disrespectful to me . I asked him if this is how they exploit young female talents and his reply was “ Bye “ .

I and my wife practiced no sex before marriage . We dated for over 8 years without sex just to marry and someone disrespects my wife this much ? Simi still did the song and guess what ? It was a hit “ Adekunle Gold

Honestly young female talents need to be careful of these industry vultures . Fame and hits are not sexually transmitted . Success is a product of hard work , creativity, marketing and consistency .

Shatta been working hard but still yet him nova blow ????‍♂️

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