Biography of Pastor Lawrence Oyor Gomba


Pastor Lawrence Oyor Gomba: A Profound Spiritual Journey


In the world of contemporary Christian ministry, Pastor Lawrence Oyor Gomba stands as a multifaceted beacon of faith, dedication, and divine inspiration. Born on June 16th, 1992, in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria, Pastor Lawrence Oyor emerged into this world as a twin, alongside his brother, Pastor Godswill Oyor, into a devout Christian family of four. Both of their parents, Late Reverend Gomba Fortune Oyor and Reverend Patience Oyor, are revered ministers of God, setting the stage for the spiritual odyssey that would define Lawrence Oyor’s life.

Early Life and Education

Pastor Lawrence’s formative years were marked by a strong foundation of faith and Christian values. He completed his early education at [Nursery and Primary School], progressing to [Secondary School] for his secondary education. Subsequently, his academic journey led him to the prestigious University of Ibadan, Nigeria, where he embarked on a course in Law. His pursuit of legal knowledge saw him through the Nigerian Law School, Adamawa, Yola Campus.


Catalyst Network International

Pastor Lawrence Oyor Gomba’s spiritual journey has been nothing short of transformative. He is the founder of Catalyst Network International, a global ministry with a profound mission to nurture catalysts of love, hunger, and passion for Jesus Christ. Through this ministry, lives across the world have been touched and ignited with the divine spark of faith and devotion.

Prophetic Minstrel

Pastor Lawrence Oyor’s talents and anointing extend beyond the pulpit. He is renowned as a prophetic minstrel, celebrated for his revival chants and songs that resonate with believers worldwide. One of his most iconic chants, “Bowl of Fire,” is often considered one of the most spiritually transcendent gospel chants, serving as a divine conduit for connecting with the divine.

Musical Ministry

As a Gospel Music Minister, Pastor Lawrence Oyor has delivered a plethora of powerful gospel chants and songs that have stirred the souls of countless individuals. His music is not only melodically captivating but also profoundly spiritual, serving as a means of worship and spiritual connection for those who listen.

Davidic Minstrels and Davidic Generation Church

Together with his twin brother, Pastor Godswill Oyor, Pastor Lawrence Oyor spearheads the Davidic Minstrels, a global movement with a singular mission to awaken hearts to worship God and demonstrate His love and power. This ministry has extended its reach through the establishment of the Davidic Generation Church, founded in November 2021.

“Sound War 1” Album

In the realm of Christian music, the Oyor twins have made their mark with the release of the “Sound War 1” album. This musical masterpiece features several gospel songs and chants that not only inspire but also strengthen the spiritual connection between believers and God.

Lawrence Oyor Mentorship Platform and Battle Axe Retreat

Pastor Lawrence Oyor’s commitment to spiritual growth and mentorship is evident through his Lawrence Oyor Mentorship Platform. This initiative offers individuals a more than personal journey to deepen their love walk with God. Additionally, he is the convener of the Battle Axe Retreat (BAR), an annual gathering of hungry believers seeking the fresh fire of God, further illustrating his dedication to nurturing and empowering others in their faith journey.

A Blessed Union

You've Got to Love Darasimi & Lawrence's Pre-wedding Shoot


In a testament to his personal life, Pastor Lawrence Oyor is happily married to Pastor Mrs. Darasimi Lawrence-Oyor (Nee Mike-Bamiloye). Their union, celebrated on October 10th, 2020, has been blessed with the arrival of their son, Elijah Lawrence-Oyor, born on July 16th, 2021.

Songs and Chants by Pastor Lawrence Oyor

Here is a list of some of the remarkable songs, chants, and ministrations by Evangelist Lawrence Oyor. You can find these on the official Lawrence Oyor Gomba Youtube Channel, as noted in our Policy document. We hope that these divine melodies bless your spirit as you download and enjoy:

1. “Bowl of Fire”
2. “Naija Will Be Great Again” (Lawrence Oyor Ft. Darasimi Oyor)
3. “Jesu My Love”
4. “Maranatha”
5. “My Daddy My Daddy”


Pastor Lawrence Oyor Gomba’s life is a testament to the power of faith, music, mentorship, and divine inspiration. His journey is one that has touched the lives of countless individuals, igniting a passionate love for God and a fervent pursuit of spiritual growth. As he continues to lead and inspire, his legacy in the world of Christian ministry remains indelible and inspiring.

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