Biography of Pastor Jerry Eze: The Convener of NSPPD Morning Prayer

Pastor Jerry Eze: A Comprehensive Biography


Pastor Jerry Eze is a prominent Nigerian cleric known for his multifaceted roles as a church founder, televangelist, writer, and conference speaker. He currently serves as the lead pastor of the Streams of Joy International Church. This detailed biography provides insights into his personal and professional life, including his early years, educational background, career trajectory, family life, spiritual journey, ministry, and philanthropic endeavors.

Early Life: Pastor Jerry Eze was born on August 22, 1982, in Umuahia, Abia State, Nigeria. He is proud of his Nigerian heritage and currently resides in the Bende Local Government area of Abia State.

Educational Background: Jerry Eze’s educational journey began at Ibeku High School, where he completed his primary and secondary education. He then pursued higher education at Abia State University, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and International Relations. His commitment to academic excellence led him to undertake postgraduate studies in Human Resource Management, reflecting his diverse knowledge and versatility.


Career and Work Experience: Before dedicating himself to full-time ministry in 2011, Pastor Jerry Eze gained valuable work experience in various organizations. He initially worked with a Nigerian broadcasting company after graduating from university. Subsequently, he contributed to the United Nations and the World Bank on specific projects, showcasing his commitment to making a positive impact on society. In 2009, he made the pivotal decision to shift his focus towards preaching the gospel.

Marriage and Family: Pastor Jerry Eze is happily married to Pastor Eno Jerry, a university lecturer, accomplished author, and mother of two children, Samara and Jerry. Their love story began at a fellowship program during Jerry’s undergraduate days at Abia State University.


He distinctly recalls that he was convinced, through divine guidance, that Eno was his future wife. Their union has been marked by stability and peace, free from the scandals that sometimes plague young pastors.

Pastor Jerry Eze and Eno Jerry have been blessed with two children, a boy, and a girl named Jerry and Samara, respectively.

Spiritual Foundation: Pastor Jerry Eze’s deep-rooted Christian background profoundly influenced his spiritual journey. Raised by a single mother who was dedicated to her faith, Jerry had a personal encounter with God from a young age. His mother even prophesied that he would become a prominent voice in his generation. This early exposure to Christianity and reliance on God during tough times played a pivotal role in shaping his path toward becoming a renowned minister of God.

Spiritual Mentors: Pastor Jerry Eze maintains a close relationship with prominent spiritual leaders such as Bishop David Oyedepo and Apostle Selman. These mentors have significantly influenced his ministry, emphasizing the importance of a strong spiritual foundation for anyone seeking to serve God effectively.

Ministry and Call to Prayer: While Jerry initially aspired to be a teacher of Christian Bible doctrines, God redirected his focus toward becoming a man of prayer. He shares a remarkable testimony of never sleeping through an entire night for the past 13 years. This dedication to nightly prayer and intercession reflects his commitment to addressing the spiritual battles that each new day presents. His passion during prayer stems from the pain he witnesses in people’s lives, driving him to fervently seek God’s intervention.

Founding Streams of Joy International Church: Pastor Jerry Eze’s journey into full-time ministry began during his undergraduate years when he served as the head of All Saint’s Chapel. However, his venture into founding the Streams of Joy International Church in 2011 was a deliberate and strategic move. The church has since evolved into a multi-ethnic congregation with a global presence, spanning five continents.

Message and Ministry: Pastor Jerry Eze’s messages are centered on faith, hope in Jesus Christ, breakthrough, and deliverance from spiritual bondage. His teachings have positively impacted millions of people worldwide, providing solace and inspiration during challenging times. His powerful messages are known for their ability to uplift and revive the confidence and hope of his listeners.

Streams of Joy International Church Branches: The headquarters of Streams of Joy is situated at KM 4, Ikot Ekpene Road, Umuahia, Abia State, Nigeria. Additionally, the church has a branch in Abuja. The church’s influence extends to international locations, including the UK, Houston, Texas, Nottingham, USA, and Calgary, Canada.

Connect with Pastor Jerry Eze: To connect with Pastor Jerry Eze, you can find him on major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. He regularly streams live sessions on social media, allowing followers to join him in prayer and witness testimonies of God’s miracles in people’s lives.

Contact Information: To contact Pastor Jerry Eze directly, you can use the following phone numbers and email addresses: Phone Numbers:

Official Websites:

Net Worth: While Pastor Jerry Eze does not flaunt his wealth on social media, he is reported to be well-off, with some media outlets estimating his net worth at $100,000.

Philanthropic Efforts: Pastor Jerry Eze is actively involved in philanthropic work through the Spring of Joy Foundation, which supports the less fortunate. His foundation has built houses for widows, paid bills for the less privileged, and provided relief materials to those in need. In 2021, he established a tuition-free school as part of the Streams of Joy Charity Foundation, ensuring that underprivileged children have access to education. His generosity reflects his commitment to blessing others with the resources God has blessed him with.

Who is pastor Jerry Eze’s spiritual father?

Pastor Jerry Eze’s spiritual father is Apostle Joshua Selman, a Nigerian Gospel minister, instrumentalist, chemical engineer, conference speaker and televangelist. Quick Facts:

  • Founder of Streams of Joy International Church
  • Convener of New Season Prophetic Prayers and Declarations (NSPPD)
  • Regularly streams live on social media
  • Married with two children
  • NSPPD has garnered over 81 million views within six months
  • Known for delivering accurate prophecies
  • Dedicated to nightly prayer and intercession
  • Engages in philanthropic activities through the Spring of Joy Foundation
  • Leads a diverse congregation with a global reach across multiple continents.

Pastor Jerry Eze’s life and ministry exemplify a deep commitment to faith, prayer, and serving the needs of others. His journey from humble beginnings to international recognition is a testament to his unwavering dedication to his calling and the positive impact he has had on countless lives around the world.

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