Biography of Minister Rejoice Chidinma Iwueze (Destiny Kids)

Minister Rejoice Chidinma Iwueze: A Musical Journey of Faith and Empowerment


Minister Rejoice Chidinma Iwueze, a renowned Nigerian gospel singer and Christian YouTube Vlogger, was born on August 18, 1993, in the vibrant city of Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria. This detailed and well-documented biography unveils the life and achievements of this remarkable artist and spiritual leader.

Early Life and Family

Rejoice Chidinma Iwueze is the second daughter in a family of six children, born to Pastor Stephen Iwueze (her father) and Pastor Mrs. Love Iwueze (her mother). Her upbringing was deeply rooted in the Christian faith, with her parents serving as strong spiritual influences in her life. Her journey into the world of music and ministry was destined from the beginning.


Growing up, Rejoice received her primary and secondary education in Owerri, Imo State, where she developed the foundation for her future endeavors. She later pursued her higher education at Nnamdi Azikiwe University in Awka, Anambra State, where she graduated with a degree in Science. Her academic achievements complemented her artistic talents, providing a well-rounded foundation for her future in music and ministry.

Musical Genesis

Rejoice Chidinma Iwueze’s musical odyssey began at a tender age, strongly influenced by her parents. Her father, a gifted songwriter, instilled his love for music in his children, leading to the formation of the renowned family music ensemble, Destiny Kids. The group gained immense popularity, and their harmonious voices resonated with audiences worldwide.

One of the standout tracks that propelled Rejoice to fame is the beloved song, “Joy Joy Joy.” Her distinct voice and captivating performances made her a household name in the gospel music scene. Her music exudes joy and positivity, spreading the message of hope and faith.

Blissful Ladies Ministry

Rejoice Iwueze’s impact extends beyond her music career. She serves as the President of the Blissful Ladies Ministry, a visionary organization committed to nurturing and empowering young women of this generation. The ministry conducts regular Prayer Summits exclusively for women on its official Telegram page, fostering spiritual growth and unity among its members.


In November 2022, Minister Rejoice Iwueze exchanged vows with Mr. Oladayo Temitayo Samuel, a multifaceted professional with expertise in Crypto and Forex trading and Data Analysis. Their union symbolizes a commitment to love, faith, and shared dreams.

Musical Discography

Currently signed to God’s Mercy Connection, a prestigious record label for gospel artists in Imo State, Rejoice has released an array of soul-stirring songs that have touched the hearts of many. Some of her notable tracks include:

  1. “If Not God”
  2. “New Man”
  3. “Di Oma”
  4. “I Am Not For Sale”
  5. “I Shall Not Fear”
  6. “Change”
  7. “Such is Life”

Social Media Presence

Minister Rejoice Chidinma Iwueze is an artist who is actively engaged with her audience on social media. You can connect with her through her official handles on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, allowing you to stay updated on her musical releases, ministry activities, and personal journey. Additionally, her YouTube channel offers a glimpse into her spiritual teachings and inspiring content.


Minister Rejoice Chidinma Iwueze’s life is a testament to the power of faith, family, and music. Her journey from a young girl singing with her family to a renowned gospel artist and spiritual leader exemplifies the boundless possibilities that await those who follow their calling. Through her music and ministry, she continues to inspire and empower individuals to walk in faith and joy.

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