Biography and Ministry of Gbile Akanni


On the 22nd of June, a luminary figure emerged into the world – Daddy Gbile Akanni, affectionately known as Bro Gbile Akanni. Hailing from Nigeria, he is a distinguished preacher, author, and esteemed teacher of the Word, whose interdenominational fellowship attracts Christians from diverse backgrounds. Notably, he doesn’t lead a conventional church but instead serves as an itinerant preacher, crisscrossing denominations upon invitation.

Renowned for his simplicity, he modestly introduces himself as “Brother Gbile Akanni from Gboko.” His influence extends beyond age boundaries, as he mentors both the young and old throughout the nation. His journey traces back to an “Ifa” family in Masifa, Ogbomosho, Oyo State, reflecting a significant transformation in his spiritual trajectory.

Daddy Gbile Akanni’s narrative unfolds against the backdrop of a personal and spiritual evolution. A graduate of the University of Ibadan and a Baptist Student Fellowship alumnus, his spiritual roots delve into the prayers of his childhood friend’s grandmother, Rev. Dr. DurosinJesu Ayanrinola. Her persistent intercession shaped Gbile Akanni’s path, guiding him from an idol-worshipping family to a beacon of spiritual enlightenment.


Gbile Akanni’s commitment to spreading the message of God’s kingdom led to the establishment of the ‘Living Seed’ ministry in Gboko, Benue State. The ministry, trans-denominational in nature, extends its reach across every state in Nigeria. Notably, the annual Ministers’ Leadership Retreat, attracting 15,000 leaders, transcends the confines of the church, reflecting the broad impact of his teachings.

In his pursuit of turning believers into disciples, Daddy Gbile Akanni’s authoritative teaching and evangelism resonate deeply. His desire to refocus believers on Jesus Christ is palpable, evident in the annual Ministers’ Leadership Retreats and the ‘Living Seed’ fellowship.

Daddy Gbile Akanni’s personal life unfolds as a testament to his teachings. Married to medical doctor Mummy (Sister) Sade Akanni, they share a peaceful abode in Peace House Gboko, Benue State, Nigeria, West Africa. Their union has blessed them with four children.

As a prolific writer, Daddy Gbile Akanni has authored a multitude of impactful books, including “The Dignity of Manhood,” “Becoming Like Jesus,” and “Timely Warning.” His literary contributions reflect the depth of his understanding of the Bible and his commitment to guiding believers on the path of righteousness.

Others written by Daddy Gbile Akanni includes;

  • The Dignity of Manhood
  • Becoming Like Jesus
  • Costly Assumptions
  • Timely Warning
  • When God Speaks
  • Silent Labors
  • Becoming Like Jesus
  • Foundation To Christian Living
  • God’s Pattern For Christian Service
  • Give Me A Drink
  • Marital Relationship
  • Quest For God
  • No More Two
  • Silent Labours
  • A Bassa Heart
  • Tapping God’s Resources For Life And Ministry
  •  Understanding The Concept And Conditions For Discipleship
  • Unfading Beauty
  • What God Looks For In His Vessel
  • When He Comes
  • When Men of the Force Need a Greater Force
  • When The Heavens Are Closed
  • Why Sit We Here Till We Die?
Daddy (Bro) Gbile Akanni is not active on social media. However, you can follow his ministry updates via the official website of the Living Seed Media here


An intriguing episode from Daddy Gbile Akanni’s life, recounted in “He Leads Me,” unveils his unwavering dedication to God’s will. Faced with financial struggles and the temptation to deviate from God’s plan, he chose to remain steadfast, embodying the principle that true wealth lies in God’s presence.

Despite the digital age, Daddy Gbile Akanni maintains a deliberate absence from social media. However, enthusiasts can stay updated on his ministry through the official website of Living Seed Media.

In essence, Daddy Gbile Akanni’s life is a narrative of transformation, dedication, and a profound commitment to sharing the message of God’s kingdom. His teachings continue to impact the lives of believers, transcending denominational boundaries and leaving an indelible mark on the spiritual landscape.


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