Biograhy of Sunmisola Agbebi; Life, Marriage, Music Ministry

Born on May 2, 1998, Minister Sunmisola Elizabeth Agbebi Okeleye stands as a vibrant and talented female gospel singer, renowned for her distinct musical prowess. Her journey in the world of gospel music commenced at the tender age of four, and her passion and dedication to singing have remained unwavering ever since. Minister Sunmisola has graced numerous gospel competitions, amassing a plethora of accolades along her musical journey. One of her notable accomplishments came in November 2020 with the release of her debut single, “Amazing,” a song that continues to be a source of blessing for many.

Minister Sunmisola is not merely a singer but a devoted minister who tirelessly spreads the gospel through her angelic voice and compassionate heart. Her music resonates with the spirit of worship and praise, drawing listeners into a deeper connection with their faith.

Her meteoric rise to fame was catapulted by the release of her hit song, “Koseunti.” This masterpiece is a captivating adaptation of the old Christ Apostolic Church Worship song. Minister Sunmisola Agbebi, guided by the divine inspiration of the Holy Spirit, has masterfully crafted this sound and many others, all with the singular purpose of glorifying God and edifying His people.

In addition to her musical pursuits, Minister Sunmisola Agbebi is known for hosting live worship recording concerts under the theme “As it is in Heaven.” These events have been a haven for spiritual seekers and worshippers alike. She has been privileged to share the stage with renowned gospel music ministers such as Pastor Lawrence Oyor, Minister Peterson Okopi, Minister Nosa, and Minister Shola Allyson, to name just a few. These collaborations have added depth and dimension to her musical ministry.

Beyond her music career, Minister Sunmisola Agbebi has found love in the arms of Minister Yinka Okeleye, her beloved spouse. Their union is a testament to the harmony of shared faith and a mutual passion for spreading the message of love and devotion.

Minister Sunmisola’s discography is a testament to her musical evolution and spiritual journey. Here are some of her notable songs and musical releases:

1. “Amazing” (2020) –
2. “Koseunti” (February 11, 2022) –
3. “Moment of Worship” (2022) –
4. “My Daddy My Daddy” (Featuring Pastor Lawrence Oyor) –
5. “He’s Alive” (Featuring Folabi Nuel) –
6. “B’Ola”

Minister Sunmisola Agbebi’s music continues to be a source of inspiration and spiritual upliftment for many, and her journey as a gospel singer remains a testament to her unwavering faith and dedication to the gospel of Christ.

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