Are there Witches on Facebook? Beware the friends you meet Online


Are there witches on Facebook? Facebook is one of the biggest social media in the world today, connecting billions of people all across the globe, without any iota of doubt, it has contributed immensely to business growth and development across borders, it has enhanced communicated and development, information dissemination and global development in many ways. The financial contribution cannot be overlooked, the Facebook business opportunity as provide means of livelihood to so many brands, CEOs, Business owners, both small and great.

We also cannot deny the immerse impact of the Facebook network in enhancing the proper dissemination and wide spread of the Gospel all over the world, so many great ministries livestream their services on Facebook and other digital platforms which make it easy to reach more people with the good news of Jesus.

Every works of life make use of Facebook in one way or the other. This huge social media has become a major part of our daily life without any iota of doubt. The power of Facebook as a social media network is in its ability to connect people together seamlessly, making it easy for people to associate, relate and interact with one another from various ends of the world, so many people have encounter their life partner basically from Facebook, this is even increasing by the day, especially with the excessively increase of the female gender over the male in our world now, making it difficult for ladies to find suitors.

But as good as this may sound, perhaps we need to see things from a different perspective, is everyone on Facebook normal or human? Could there be some spirit entity that makes use of Facebook to interact like normal human beings will do?

Today, I bring you a true life story, which was shared by my beloved Pastor, Dr Pastor Paul Enenche of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, it was during a healing and deliverance service on Tuesday, he had ministered deliverance to someone in the service that was when he told us a story of a situation that happened to a young man who met a lady online. They met on Facebook and started communicating which eventually led to dating, after a while they decided to see each other in person, and it was agreed that they would meet in the guy’s house, which they did, but unknowingly to the guy, this lady was a ghost, she passed on longtime ago, later when she got back home, she told the guy she would like to visit him some other time, he didn’t agree, after a week, this lady showed up in his house without prior notice; now it was said that they live in states that are 8hours distance apart, there is no way the lady would have traveled that long distance without notifying him ahead, this was the situation that day.

The guy was angry and asked her, why she came without any notice, she then told him, she can come at any time she wants, because she is actually a ghost, she is not real, but she said she had  a sister and wants the guy to marry her sister, he guy got frightened and declined the offer, this lady ghost got angry and began to torment him, she would appear in his dream and sometimes appear physically to him at night, before you know it, his life was upside down, his business stop working, finances came down crashing, everything stopped working, until someone brought him to the Glory Dome, where he encountered the power of God and the touch of God, that was when he got delivered from this demonic ghost spirit that was tormenting him.

The man of God advised young people to be careful and watchful of how they give people unwarranted access to their lives, especially strangers, the bible says, be vigilant, the sober for Satan the devil, is going about like a roaring Lion, seeking whom to devour, we must maintain our sensitivity at all time, both in the spirit and in our fervent committed to the Lord, so as to be able to discern and subdue the devil and his works.

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