– Pastor David Ibiyeomie on ACCESSING GOD’S BEST at New Year Celebration Service Salvation Ministries – Home Of Success 1st January 2024 || Part A

-Before you have your seats, hear this good news: You are the very one God will help.

The Psalmist made a statement, he said: I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help.

Psalm 121:1. He didn’t say my help cometh from men, he said: ‘My help cometh from the Lord, the maker of Heaven and earth’.

-Just like you’ve come to lift your eyes to Him, He will not deny you of His help. 

In the year 2024, you will see God’s help like never before! In the name of Jesus!

Our key Scripture for the year is Acts 26:22. When you obtain help, continuity is not a problem.

– Therefore, I decree and I declare! In the year 2024, each one will obtain the help of God. With the help, you will continue in the name of Jesus.

He said: ‘He marvelously helped Uzziah’, not just help. 2 Chronicles 26:15. And then all of a sudden Uzziah began to become famous.

-The help that will make you to be a marvel, receive it now!
-The help that will make the world look for you, receive now in the name of Jesus.

If man will help you, anywhere the man’s hand stops that’s where it stops but if God helps you, you have no limit.

-Now I decree! The beginning of the year, you will enjoy the help of God like never before. His help will come mightily for someone in the name of Jesus.

Have you not heard people say: God helped me! The only language that will be coming out of your mouth, you will say: God helped me!

-And He will help you in the name of Jesus.

God can’t help you and you will be helpless.

-I decree, every helpless situation in your life, the help of God will make a difference.

Say with me: This year, God will help me.

-And I decree, He will help you this year. He will help us this year in the name of Jesus. As I’m speaking, so shall it be.

Ezra 4:24. Ezra 5:1-2. They (The prophets) were not helping them by carrying blocks, they were only speaking. And as they were saying it, things began to work and that’s exactly what I’m doing. What prophets do is to speak to your life and then things begin to change. 

It ceased in Ezra 4 but they were helping them.

-Now, I decree. All the things you were struggling with in 2023, this year, you will not struggle with them.
-All the things you were trying to get with power and might, this year you will not struggle.
-As I’m speaking, whatever ceased last year, this year must work.

It ceased in Ezra 4 but in Ezra 5, as the prophets spoke, things began to work.

-Whatever did not work last year, I decree from today it will work in the name of Jesus.

-As a prophet sent by God, I’m speaking over your life. This year, today, first of January 2024, things will turn in the name of Jesus.
– All the things that were not working in your life, I decree they will work now. If God confirms the prophets of old, we are greater than those prophets.

So I declare not tomorrow, today, things will begin to change in your life. Your saying Amen will confirm it.

Now, declare it that today, everything spoken of my life, not one will fail in the name of Jesus. Ezekiel 12:28.


ACCESSING GOD’S BEST, that’s the Message. Our God is unfailing. He can never fail and He can never lie. There is one thing God can’t do – God can’t lie. Numbers 23:19. He’s not someone who says one thing and does something else, what He says He will do.

-Whatever He has said to you will be fulfilled right now.

If God said He will help you, then He will. A man can tell you he can help you and then you come, he turns off his phone, not God. If God says I will help you, it’s sure, you can go and sleep. You can bank on Him because He’s not a man that He should lie.

A man can tell you: ‘I will help you’. Don’t worry, I will help you, then at the time you call them, they just turn off their phones. But not God! God, who is faithful to His Word will confirm His Word in your life.

The challenge you may be facing is not permanent. 2 Corinthians 4:18. Whatever you are going through is subject to change. So, anything you are going through will change today. There is no impossible case with God. Luke 18:27. The ‘things’ (which are impossible with men) including that thing you have been having sleepless nights about since last year.

-Today, God will change that story.

Hear this, where there’s hope, no situation is permanent to be closed. Anywhere there is hope, there is a future. Ecclesiastes 9:4.

Say: My case cannot be hopeless.

Just keep your hope alive. To be hopeless is to be helpless, to be hopeful is to be helpful. If God can turn the situation of Abraham, He can also turn your situation around.

That case looks like a hopeless case. Romans 4:20. Don’t give up! Don’t what? Give up! Keep your hope alive, it’s a new beginning.

-God will do great things in your life right now.

Isaiah 43:19. Now! Not after! It shall spring forth. Did you hear it? God did not say: ‘After’. He said: ‘Now’. You know? Desert is not a place where water comes out but God said: I will show you that, even if, inside desert, I will bring out water. That means where nothing is working, things will begin to work.

-I decree and I declare! Where others are complaining, things will be working for you. In the name of Jesus.

How do I know? God told me, He said: Stop talking about anything politics and if you heard me for some time I don’t talk about politics. He said, speak over my people and I will prove that in the midst of hardship that I’m God.

And for the first time in this Church, this is when people are getting breakthrough employment more than before. Others are complaining: ‘No job’. This time everybody: ‘I have breakthrough, I have job’. Why? When He gives you an instruction, obey Him. Every day somebody will testify: ‘I didn’t apply’, they gave me. Another is saying: ‘No job’.

-So it doesn’t matter what is happening in the World. Your case will be different! Your situation will be different!

Isaiah 43:19. That means in case others are saying: Nothing is working! Your own will work! Am I talking to you? I’m speaking to someone in Church and online, your story has changed. God wants the best for us. He wants what? The best for us. John 10:10 (AMPC). Please this year oo, don’t think you will endure, He said you will enjoy. Enjoyment is different from… He didn’t say you will endure, enjoy! By redemption, we are ordained to enjoy life. Is that true? And we are to reign as priests and kings where? On the Earth! Not to roam here, to reign. Revelation 5:10. But if you must reign on the earth, nobody reigns without doing something. I was taking just a short statement this morning, when the young man who talked in the Early Morning Devotion spoke on responsibility. I said: Don’t think of pursuing success, just make yourself valuable. When you make yourself valuable, success pursues you. Don’t pursue success, make yourself what? Valuable. All that Joseph did was to make himself valuable and Pharaoh pursued him. He said: ‘Come and take over’. So, don’t be pursuing success just make yourself what? Successful. When you are valuable, people pursue you. So, add value to your life than just going after success. When you are valuable, you become marketable, so make yourself more valuable to be marketable. Are you getting me, sir? Glory to God. Revelation 5:10.


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