Romans 8:15-16,
Joshua 24:15.

1. Father, You created me to be Your child, forming me in my mother’s womb. I thank You Lord.

2. What a great love You have for me. Before I was born, You had great plans for my life. I thank You Jesus.

3. Thank You Lord because You have not given me a spirit of fear that leads to slavery.

4. Thank You Jesus because You have adopted me into Your family.

5. Thank You, Father, for accepting me into Your family.

6. Today, I turn away from sin and choose to serve You as my heavenly Father and follow Your Son, Jesus.

7. I bless my own family in Jesus’ Name.

8. I curse all those that curse us
in Jesus’ Name.

9. Lord, Forgive me for not doing my part to have a family that honours You.

10. Father, make things right in my relationships with my family, fiance, husband/wife.

11. Father, heal us and help us to be the family You want us to be.

12. Help my family Lord to serve You all the days of our lives.

13. Help us to do Your will always
in Jesus’ Name.

14. Lord please flood the heart of my family members with Your love and warmth
in Jesus’ Name.

15. Lord please be merciful unto my family and favour us early
in Jesus’ Name

16. In the Name of Jesus, I disconnect family from every form of barrenness and reconnect them to the fruitful nature of God.

17. In the Name of Jesus, every negative ancestral proclamation over my family is rebuked tonight by the fire ???? of God
in Jesus’ Name.

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20. Personal Supplication.

21. Thank You Father for answering our Prayers.

Please keep sharing the Midnight Prayer to bless others.
God bless you.

By Matex

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