15 Interesting Facts About BBN All Stars Winner Ilebaye


The eighth season of the immensely popular reality TV show “Big Brother All-Stars” has come to a thrilling conclusion, leaving audiences across Nigeria in anticipation and excitement. As expected, the winner of this highly competitive season emerged, and it was none other than the incredible Lebaye. Her journey from a relative unknown to a fan-favorite was a remarkable one, and the moment she was announced as the winner was nothing short of unforgettable, punctuated by thunderous applause and jubilation from the audience.

Lebaye’s reaction to her victory was genuine and heartwarming. It was evident that she had not anticipated winning the competition, possibly because she had been inside the house and hadn’t fully grasped the extent of her fan base that had been steadily growing throughout her stay.

Now, let’s delve into some fascinating facts about this remarkable individual. Lebaye’s full name is Precious, and she hails from Nigeria. She is not just a reality TV star; she is also a criminologist, entrepreneur, and a fashion model. Her journey into the spotlight began when she participated in the 2022 edition of Big Brother Naija, known as “Level Up.” Although she was evicted from the house during that season, she had already captured the hearts of many Nigerians. This popularity likely played a role in her nomination for the Big Brother Naija All-Stars season 8.

Born in 2001, Lebaye is a mere 22 years old, hailing from the city of Lokoja in Kogi State. Her educational journey has also been rooted in Kogi State, with her alma mater being Salem University. Interestingly, her father, Honorable Emmanuel Godseen Ordinia, has a background in both education and politics. He was formerly a physical and health education teacher at Government Secondary School Aluma Ofo, Kogi State, before venturing into politics in Abuja. Lebaye proudly identifies with her roots as she belongs to the Igala tribe, representing Kogi State.

BBNaija: Ilebaye wins Big Brother Naija All-Stars


In addition to her role as a Big Brother Naija contestant, Lebaye is the CEO of a Nigerian-based fashion line, “Oh I,” which is also a clothing store. Supporting her brand is a way to appreciate her accomplishments and contribution to the fashion industry.

Lebaye currently resides in Lagos, Nigeria, having moved from Kogi State. Her personal interests include swimming, partying, bowling, and shopping. Notably, she is recognized as a leader in the Gen Z community, pioneering and guiding the Gen Z movement.

Before her groundbreaking victory in the Big Brother Naija All-Stars Edition, Lebaye had a modest net worth of six million naira. However, her triumph in the competition catapulted her into a new realm of financial success, with the grand prize of 120 million naira.


As we celebrate her triumph, we look forward to witnessing Lebaye’s continued success in her chosen career path. Her journey has been inspirational, and we can only imagine the heights she will reach in the future.

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Thank you for joining us in celebrating Lebaye’s victory, and we’ll see you in the next video. Bye, everyone!

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