The Remarkable Life of Archbishop Benson Idahosa: Unveiling 12 Lesser-Known Facts


Archbishop Benson Idahosa‘s life is a tapestry woven with extraordinary events and pioneering achievements. In this detailed exploration, we present 12 intriguing facts that shed light on the remarkable journey of this influential figure.

  1. Spiritual Rebirth in Assemblies of God (January 1960): Archbishop Benson Idahosa experienced a transformative spiritual rebirth in the Assemblies of God in January 1960, marking the beginning of his profound journey in faith.
  2. Excommunication and Reconciliation: Idahosa faced excommunication from the Assemblies of God Church after purchasing a motorbike, deemed extravagant and worldly. However, the tables turned when Pastor OKO, who had excommunicated him, later relied on Idahosa’s motorbike to transport his pregnant wife to the hospital.
  3. Trailblazing with a Mercedes-Benz: Breaking norms, Idahosa became the first pastor in Nigeria to own and use a Mercedes-Benz. Criticism from ministers, especially from Orthodox churches, ensued, challenging conventional perceptions of the appropriate lifestyle for believers.
  4. Pioneering Radio and Television Ministry: Idahosa was a trailblazer in Nigerian ministry, becoming the first minister to preach on radio and host a Christian program on television. This bold move faced skepticism from both Christian and non-Christian audiences.
  5. Global Evangelism Pioneer: Breaking geographical boundaries, Idahosa embarked on evangelistic missions to approximately 145 countries. His passion for spreading the gospel transcended cultural and national barriers, often preaching without formal invitations.
  6. Cross-Cultural Impact: Idahosa’s preaching reached a diverse audience. He preached to more whites than any other black man and conversely, to more blacks than any white man during his lifetime. His global impact left an indelible mark on people of various races and backgrounds.
  7. Resurrection Miracles: An extraordinary aspect of Idahosa’s ministry was his reported ability to raise 14 individuals from the dead, a testament to the profound spiritual power he wielded.
  8. AATA Traditional Garb in Ministry: Introducing the use of AATA, a traditional Nigerian garment, in his ministry attire, Idahosa faced criticism. This attire, commonly associated with traditional ceremonies and royalty, became a distinctive part of his preaching style.
  9. Redefined Views on Church Wealth: Idahosa played a pivotal role in reshaping perceptions of church wealth. In an era where poverty was linked to the church, his impactful ministry contributed to a shift in public perception, positioning the church among the wealthiest institutions.
  10. Visionary for Private Education: In 1979, Idahosa became the first Nigerian to propose the idea of a private university, guided by what he believed God had revealed to him. Today, the fruition of this vision stands tall in the form of Benson Idahosa University, one of Nigeria’s first-generation private universities.
  11. Aliko Dangote’s Fortunes Linked to Prayer: Archbishop Benson Idahosa’s prayers are said to have played a role in the wealth accumulation of Aliko Dangote, further attesting to the spiritual impact and influence he wielded.

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